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Doss, TX

is a very small unincorporated town in Gillespie County, Texas.

Founded by the industrious Doss Brothers (Tom and John) in 1849, the community's first enterprises were a gristmill and distillery. The brothers also built a dam on Threadgill Creek and built a sawmill. In 1864 August, Steiness bought the brothers out and started a post office in his house. Steiness died in 1866 and William F. Lange, came into possession of the property. The dam was expanded but later washed out in a flood. In 1875 a stone dam was constructed. In 1898, a post office was opened in the store of F. W. Lange and the town was briefly known as Lange's Mill. The name Doss was assumed in 1907 when the post office moved two miles south.

Doss' population has never reached 100. In 1925, it was 50 and seven years later it had only increased by 10 to 60. In 1964, the population it was down to a 22; but, rebounded to 75 by 1972, the number that continues to be used on the state map.

Every year the Doss Public school holds a play performed by the school children. The little room, grades Kindergarten through 4th grade, and the big room, 5th grade through 8th grade, hold 2 different plays. The presentation is accompanied by a bake sale and raffle held by the local residents and by the Doss 4H members.

Buildings and structures

Welge Ranch in Doss was the site of a re-enactment of Battle of Iwo Jima, sponsored by the National Museum of the Pacific War for the 60th anniversary of the iconic battle. The event was held on February 19, 2005, ending with a the famous raising of the flag on Mount Suribachi - which was re-enacted on top of Welge Point in Doss.

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